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The Void

Ever had that feeling that you have all you need in your life now but you’re still restless?..like there’s a void punched right through you?….

Our bodies are from this realm, The Material World, and we satisfy it with food, passion, entertainment…and we go so far in consuming these as to stuff’em into that void. But that void…is in our soul..and our souls are from another realm. No amount of stuffing is going to satiate it. It needs food too, the food of revelation…contemplation…and that of gratitude and of repentance. How starved are you?..


Darkness, The Canvas of Light

Prayer is better than sleep | This is one of the most simple yet profound advice we hear everyday in the Fajr Athaan (Dawn call to Prayer). We are literally commanded to wake up in the early dark hours of dawn, to connect with our Beloved. Similarly…figuratively speaking, when you are going through a meltdown or an emotional struggle, where you have lost all appetite and all you want to do is curl up in bed, use the same advice and go connect with your Beloved.

Night, is similar to dark times. It won’t last long. Just as the dawn prayer commemorates the good news of the coming day, the conversation and connection you establish in your personal darkness, will help you acknowledge the coming of light…..the coming of your personal Dawn!

Break Free

So I found this broken pot lying in dirt. Almost instantly I felt a connection. I brought it home and turned it into a Moroccan themed (At least I’d like to think so…) miniature garden.

I realized something. Allah breaks us for a reason. It’s just a matter of time and realization that we are in a much beautiful position for having been broken. That some serious transformation is due.

Today this piece is the center of attraction in my home garden. An eye catcher. Every time someone compliments me for it, I try to remind myself of how this thing was lying in dirt….broken.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” -Jalal-al-din Rumi