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The Perfect Myth

Human beings can only tend to perfection, but cannot be entirely perfect. Thus our understanding of perfection is also imperfect.

Perfection, in this world, cannot last. That “Perfect” vacation spot is ruined by mosquito bites, but the Instagram post of the vacation (with added filters off course) may appear to have the most perfect smiles. We humans are just too good at masking the imperfections, its our favorite hobby.

Now, when out idea of perfection itself is so skewed, everything we look at through this imperfect lens, is going to look nothing but…imperfect.

One day Moses(PBUH) asked Allah to reveal himself to him. Allah said “Look at that mountain as I send my name upon it. Then Allah sent down His name upon a nearby mountain. That instant the mountain exploded out of submissiveness and Moses (PBUH) fainted. Allah sent only His name on a mountain and the mountain was reduced to dust. If Allah were to reveal his entire self to his creation, in this world, then we would all just cease to exist, probably even before catching a glimpse.

Just like fire. Fire gives us the necessary warmth, guides us with its light, but you cannot touch it or feel it without getting burnt.

The greatest gift that man has received from Allah is humility. Its there. In all of us its there, in some more than the others. We just need to dive within and embrace it with all of our imperfections. It is humility that helps us realize that its perfect to not know or have everything. If our cup was already full, then there wouldn’t be room for more.

The knowledge that Allah gives us is cherry picked for us only so that we may find our way back home to our Beloved. It works just like a map that takes us back home. Yes, my bed is cozy and nothing can beat my mother’s cooking. I will have all the luxury I’m used to, in my house. But in the end it is our loved ones that make it Home. Similarly the comforts and pleasures of Heaven are a good motivation to get there, but the main reason to go there is to be re-united with our Beloved….with Allah….and experience Perfection.